Environmental Affairs Committee

The goals of the Environmental Committee are:


To learn what League of Women Voters at various state/ local levels have included in their “study and action” of community sustainability and to continue to gather resources re: what constitutes the responsibilities of Florida cities/counties with offices of sustainability, including the actions/programs of these offices.

To learn from knowledgeable speakers and/or films on issues of sustainability: water resource protection, growth management, energy use, and the impacts of climate change.

To host field trips which enhance our understanding of the need for water resource protection, “smart” growth management, alternative energy and related sustainability issues.

To meet with county staff and/or elected officials to gain a better understanding of their awareness and their assessment of the environmental issues facing our county.


Continue to advocate for the appropriate use of Amendment 1 (Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment) funds, especially the acquisition of lands in the Everglades Agricultural Area.

Support city and county efforts to address sea level rise; work to build community support for SLR adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Monitor the extent to which the Collier County Floodplain Management Plan and aspects of the Collier County Land Development Code address sustainability issues such as water resource protection and the impacts of sea level rise; advocate for appropriate changes to address these issues.

Work in coalition with other organizations, pending board approval, on shared environmental issues related to water resource protection, preservation of environmentally sensitive lands, and related issues sustainability issues; continue our board-sanctioned collaborative efforts with Lee County to build a coalition among Southwest Florida counties to address the economic and social impacts of sea level rise on our region.

Advocate for “smart growth” to protect environmentally sensitive lands (including wildlife habitat) as Collier County reviews its growth management plans for eastern Collier County; recognize/identify builders/developers that do LEED certified building and/or practice low impact development.

Advocate for LWVF natural resource positions re: (1) renewable energy (i.e., solar power); a ban on fracking-like (I.e., acid and high pressure well stimulation) drilling in Florida; and 3) opposition to sale and/or privatization of state parks.

RSVP Patti Forkan

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Date(s) - 03/08/2018
9:30 am - 11:00 am

Community Foundation of Collier County


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