Lively League – Say Yes to Second Chances

Imagine that you are 18 years old. You have just graduated from high school and are ready to begin college. You have less than one ounce of marijuana in your pocket with no intent to sell. But you get arrested and must go to court. You are sentenced to three years in prison. You serve your time and are released. You have paid your debt to society, now you want to get on with your life. You want to be a contributing member of society. Election time comes and you are looking forward to voting for the candidates of your choice. WRONG! According to Florida law, you have lost your voting rights as a former felon.

Florida is one of only four (4) states in the country that does not allow the civil rights of felons to be restored after successful completion of a sentence, parole, and/or probation. And yet research shows that there is greater recidivism in states that do not restore civil rights. This law is really making us less safe. WE CAN CHANGE THIS HEINOUS LAW! We need to get this amendment to change the law, that has been approved by the Florida Supreme Court, on the 2018 ballot. Florida needs 780,000 petitions with this amendment signed by December 31. A coalition of numerous organizations have each committed to obtain so many signed petitions. We are going to help by joining with other League chapters to gather the 30,000 that Florida’s LWV has committed to collecting. Our chapter’s goal is only 2,300, ten (10) per member: Family members, friends, neighbors, organizational meetings, places of worship, service providers, etc….Easy, Peasy to get 10! We can do this! LET’S DO OUR PART!

The Kick off for our “Say Yes to Second Chances” campaign begins at Lively League on Monday, October 16, @ 10 am at the Hilton (prior to our general meeting). Featured speaker: Neil Volz of the SW Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Want to get started collecting petitions now? Contact Janet Hoffman, LWVCC Campaign leader, 239-206-0300. Collections are fun when done together at a library or football game. Go to or to obtain a petition. The petition has the address for mailing or you can give them to Janet Hoffman. If mailing, please email her the number you collected as she needs to keep count each week of how many are signed.

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Date(s) - 10/16/2017
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Hilton Naples


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