Voter Info

Voter Registration Requirements

LWVCC_Vote_slideWho may register to vote? In order to register to vote, a person must:

~  Be a citizen of the United States of America

~  Be a Florida resident

~  Be 18 years old (you may preregister if you are 16 years old)  Read more . . .

How to Register to Vote

To register to vote in Florida, a citizen must swear or affirm an oath and sign the voter registration application. If your application is complete and you qualify as a voter, the Supervisor of Elections will mail you a voter information card as official notification of your registration. Read more . . .

How to Obtain a Vote-By-Mail (Absentee) Ballot

A Vote-By-Mail (formerly Absentee) ballot is a ballot for an election that is mailed in early by the voter, usually, but not necessarily, because the voter is unable to vote in person at the polls during early voting or on election day.

Any registered voter in Collier County may vote by Vote-By-Mail ballot for any reason. Simply request a Vote-By-Mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections office. Read more . . .

Find Your Representative

To find your elected representatives, click here to visit the League of Women Voters website.

To find your Collier County commissioner, click here to visit the Collier County government website. Read more . . .

Upcoming Elections

For information about upcoming national and state-wide elections, click here to visit the website of the Florida Department of State Supervisor of Elections.

For information about upcoming county-wide elections, click here to visit the website of the Collier County Supervisor of Elections. Read more . . .