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October 2010 - Volume 36, Issue 1

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10/11 - LWVCC Board Meeting
9:30 - 11:30 AM
US Trust
765 Seagate Drive
Members Welcome
10/11 - General Meeting
Program: Candidate Forum
Hilton Hotel
5111 Tamiami Trail North

10/13 - Board Orientation
10 AM - 3 PM
Hilton Hotel

10/12 - Amendment Forum
5 - 6:30 PM

10/14 - School Board Forum
6 PM

10/19 - State Representative Forum
7 PM

  Members and guests are welcome at all meetings
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Amendments 5 and 6
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Spotlight on Climate Change Committee
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Project Innovation Update
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TopGeneral Meeting - October 11

Meet the Candidates Forum
Chris Straton

On October 11, following lunch and prior to the General Meeting, join your fellow League members, members of the greater Naples branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women), and members of the public to meet and hear from candidates for Collier County School Board (Districts 1, 3, and 5) and for State Representative from Districts 75, 101, and 112.  Questions will be taken from the audience.  The following candidates have confirmed they will attend:
Collier County School Board
 District 1             District 3              District 5        
 Pat Carroll           Barbara Berry       Roy Terry         
 Rosanne Winter    Kathy Ryan          Joe Whitehead                                                   
State Representative
 District 75             District 101          District 112

 Steve Cosgrove     Matt Hudson         Sandra Ruiz
 Trudi Williams        Larry Wilcoxson    Robert Van Name


New Location:  Hilton Hotel   
                         5111 Tamiami Trail North, Naples

Valet parking is without charge, but a gratuity is expected.
Click here to get directions.

Lunch:        11:45 AM - 1 PM
Candidate Forum:    1 PM - please arrive by 12:50 PM
General Meeting:     2 - 3 PM

Reservations:   click here
or call 239-263-4656 and send a check to LWVCC, P. O. Box 9883, Naples, FL  34104-9883

Lunch reservations must be made and paid for in advance.  We are unable to accept cancellations or issue refunds after Oct. 8.

Forum reservations are  not required, but will be appreciated.
There is no charge to attend the Forum.
Lunch Charge: $20.00 for League and AAUW members and their guests; $25.00 for all others.
Lunch Selections:   Herb-Crusted Breast of Chicken, Macaroni Gorgonzola Gratin with Tomato Basil Sauce, or
Seasonal Fruit Plate with Cottage Cheese
 Upcoming Forums

forumPlease attend and support these forums by volunteering to help.  October 12 from 5 - 6:30 PM:  Amendment Forum, jointly sponsored with Greater Naples Better Government Committee, Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, and Naples Daily News, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 625 111 Ave. N.  Jeff Lytle, Naples Daily News Editorial Page Editor, will moderate.  Speakers, who will have eight minutes to present their viewpoints and two minutes to refute their opponents, include:

✦     Ellen Freidin, Chair of FairDistricts, and Senator Garrett Richter will debate Amendments 5 & 6.
✦     Attorneys Andrew Dickman and Bruce Anderson will debate Amendment 4.
✦     Collier County Superintendent of Schools Dennis Thompson and Senator Alex  Villalobos will debate Amendment 8.                             
✦     Dr. Roger Green, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University, will discuss Amendment 1.
✦     Abe Skinner, Collier County Property Appraiser, will explain Amendment 2.
 A 20-minute question-and-answer segment will complete the evening. 
The Amendment Forum will be rebroadcast on WGCU radio,  90.1, on October 29. from 8-9 PM,  available on the Board of County Commissioners of Collier County website, the Education Channel, and Comcast Cable 99 and will be discussed on "Your Voice" on WGCU-TV on October 28.  We will need help with greeting, hospitality, timers, and more. Please contact Joyce Fletcher.

Oct. 14 at 6-8 PM:  School Board Candidates Forum 

Oct. 19 at 7-9 PM:  State Representative (101, 112) Candidates Forum

Both of these forums will take place at the Board of County Commissioners, 3301 E. Tamiami Trail, and will be broadcast via Comcast Cable 97 or via Board of County Commissioners website. Greeters, timers, and question collectors are needed. Please contact Chris Straton.

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President's Message from Lydia Galton

Lydia Galton 2010October 11 General Meeting. First let me give you exciting news--we have moved our luncheon and meeting to the Naples Hilton on 41 (just south of Waterside Shops).  All reservations must be made in advance. Secondly, AAUW is joining us for lunch and a lively Candidates Forum.  Finally, we are making it possible for you to bring a friend at the member's price--just $20.00--but only for this meeting.   What an ideal way to interest one of your friends in the League!  So please pass on this invitation to one, two, or more of your friends.  There is no limit as long as you make the reservation.
      Election 2010.  Informing the electorate and getting them to vote is what the League is all about.  Here is what YOU can do to help:

    -Attend and staff the forums 
    -Staff a precinct
    -Staff the phone bank for Amendments 5 & 6 when you are asked
    -Consider joining our Speakers Bureau

     Board change:  I am sad to report that Sandy Parker has resigned from the board of LWVCC in order to participate in partisan get-out-the-vote activities, which both she and the Board felt would violate the League's Nonpartisan Policy (click here). Her participation on the board will be greatly missed, but she will continue to do her outstanding job of Membership Chair and webmaster, and participate as a member of many committees, as well as serve as an advisor and friend.  The League's loss is the party's gain.
      Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege of representing you at both the state council and at the national convention. 
      The Florida State Council in Winter Park gave League leaders the opportunity to share success stories and tips; the passage of Amendments 5 & 6 was declared our priority; and it was decided to combine the Legislative Seminar and the State Convention into one meeting in Tallahassee from March 23 - 26.  Tallahassee is a long way, but if enough of us decide to go, we can hire a bus and have a very good time.  You will witness your state government in action and meet other League members from throughout Florida. Please save the dates.  We'll talk about this more at the November meeting.
     The National Convention in Atlanta was stimulating and provocative. I attended many useful workshops and met Leaguers from all over the country. The number of younger members in attendance was impressive (over 60 under 40) as was the large number of male leaders.  The discussions at the plenary were exciting and informative.  League members are not a bashful lot!  If you are interested in the positions and actions taken, click here.
      An Open League. Your board is eager to hear from you.  If you have any ideas for improving the League or topics to study, or speakers to hear from, please contact one of us.  Board meetings are open to all members.  If you would like to present something to the board, just call or send me a request in writing.  The League of Women Voters of Collier County is YOUR League.  Embrace it.


In Memoriam - Carter Straton

It is with sadness that we note the passing of Carter Straton, husband of our board member, Voter Service chair and past-president Chris Straton.  Carter was a former member who was proud of the contribution the League made in our community.  Our sympathies go out to Chris and their family. 
A memorial is planned for Saturday, October 16, 2010, at 3 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Naples, 6340 Napa Woods Way, in the Thomas Room.  (Click here for directions.)  Chris would be honored to have friends from the League attend.  Contributions may be made in Carter's name to the American Heart Association. If you wish to make a donation online, click here. 
Amendments 5 & 6Amendments 5 & 6

The passage of these amendments is the League's highest priority.  Although endorsed by AARP, Florida League of Cities, Common Cause Florida, Sierra Club Florida, Florida Education Association, and the NAACP, the polls show their success rate for passage at only 50%. We have a lot to do!
Remember, this is not a partisan issue; the League of Women Voters has advocated for redistricting standards for 30 years, through Democratic and Republican administrations.
This is what you can do to help:
1.  Call Kathleen Slebodnik or Joyce Fletcher to volunteer to work for an hour or two at our phone bank, which will be at the Community Room at Calistoga's, 7941 Airport-Pulling Road, Naples, at the following times:

Wed. Oct. 6:     1-3 PM                            Wed. Oct. 20:     1-3  PM     
Fri. Oct. 8:        1-3 PM                            Fri. Oct. 22:       1-3 PM
Wed. Oct. 13:    3-4 PM                            Wed. Oct. 27:    1-3 PM
Fri. Oct. 15:      1:30-3:30 PM                   Fri. Oct. 29:      11 AM - 1 PM               
2.  Have a conversation with all your friends and neighbors to encourage them to vote on amendments as well as candidates.  Here are some talking points, but we are sure you can present this even more convincingly:

 "Do you normally vote for candidates AND the amendments or do you skip the amendments and just vote for candidates?   This year please review all the amendments and consider voting FOR Amendments 5 & 6.  Every 10 years after the census, legislators in Tallahassee are required to redraw district lines. Currently, there are no rules, so they have been drawing district lines to make sure they keep getting reelected, which is just plain wrong. Voting YES on Amendments 5 & 6 will create rules so politicians cannot continue to protect themselves. Newspapers throughout the state and organizations like the League of Women Voters and AARP support Amendments  5 & 6."

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MarjorieSpotlight on Marjorie Joder

Marjorie Joder, Treasurer par excellence, how can we ever thank you?


Marjorie JoderIf you attend a LWVCC Forum, Marjorie Joder will probably be the timekeeper.  If you work at a precinct on Election Day, she will be there from 6 AM until 9 PM, often as Precinct Captain.  Marjorie has served diligently as Clerk for Adopt-A-Precinct. If you attend an LWVCC board meeting, Marjorie will always be there (she has been Treasurer for 20+ years).


You may see her, but you will never hear Marjorie complain, not ever, despite the hours she devotes to preparing the financial reports for each board meeting, pulling together each year's budget, filing government forms, sending our dues to LWVUS and LWVFL, paying bills, and reimbursing all of us.  Marjorie is unfailingly pleasant and unruffled and has maintained that demeanor since joining LWVCC over 30 years ago. 


As Margie tells it:  "We moved to Naples in 1973 when my husband, Richard Joder, retired from the military and accepted the position of Collier County Library Director, and I finally had the opportunity to open my own business:  Accounting & Tax Associates of Naples.


I had been a League member for a number of years by then.  The League had given me the opportunity to quickly meet women with similar interests each time we moved.  The Naples League was small then.  I assisted Pat Clark, who did manual record keeping in the League offices.  I don't know exactly when I became Treasurer, but believe it is at least twenty years ago.


Over the years I represented the League on a Charter Government Study Group and worked on the first Collier County Growth Management Plan Committee.  The resulting plans were adopted and praised as a model by the State.  My favorite job was Taxation Chair for a State League program. The League has not made it a program item for several years now.


Despite numerous recommendations from many sources, the State of Florida still has not adopted a fair and dependable source of tax revenue.   The current Florida State budget reflects this." 


Marjorie is the past president of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Florida Accountants Association. She serves as treasurer for Zonta and her condo association, and still prepares over 200 tax returns annually. 

Spotlight on Climate Change Committee
Linda Deming, Committee Chair

Linda Denning HeadshotThe League of Women Voters has a clear and unambiguous position on climate change:  "The League believes that now is the time to act on global climate change.  We can reduce global warming pollution by using existing technologies to make power plants and factories more efficient, make cars go farther on a gallon of gasoline, and shift to cleaner technologies.  Cities, states and individuals are already adopting many of these solutions, which also reduce our dependence on oil, reduce air pollution, and protect pristine places from oil drilling and mining. State and local initiatives are proving that answers exist."

It is with this imperative that all are welcome to the newly launched Committee on Climate Change.   We will meet the first Thursday of each month from November through April, from 10 AM until 11:30 AM.   Meetings will be held at the North Collier Government Center's community room, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive, Naples.

Plan to attend our November 4th meeting to hear about how climate change affects our oceans--specifically our own Gulf of Mexico and other Florida waters--and what might be done locally, or through legislation or budgeting, to make a positive difference.  Our speaker will be Bryan Fluech, Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent with the University of Florida/IFAS Extension, housed at Rookery Bay.    Bryan will refer to a document from Florida's Ocean and Coastal Council that can be downloaded by clicking here for lots of easy-to-read background information.
10/10/10 -- Global Day of Climate Action:
Thousands of communities across the globe will be taking action to address climate change--celebrating what people can do right now to make an impact, garnering media attention for climate action, and sending the strong message to decision-makers at all levels that it's time for them to do their job, too.  LWVUS is encouraging local Leagues to support community efforts to be a part of this global movement. So, if you are in town on 10/10/10, plan to be at the Mercato (US 41, just north of Vanderbilt) with your family and friends from 10 AM to 4 PM.   Participate in a day of learning, demonstrations  and fun activities.  This kickoff event is sponsored by UGottaGoGreen, a clearinghouse for eco-networking in Southwest Florida, founded by Marjorie Ziff-Levine.  To receive Climate Change Committee updates, please write Linda Demming at
GovtGovernment Committee
Tom McCann, Committee Chair

Tom McCann formalThis year we will schedule several sessions of  "Lunch with Leaders."  We will select various county, school system and City of Naples officials, or even significant private sector leaders, whom we would all like to meet. We will then ask them to let us have lunch in their office and share our meal with them.    Whom would you most like to lunch with on a scale of one to ten?  I would be grateful for your suggestions.

This is also the appropriate time for those interested in the operation of state and local government and who would like to study, and possibly impact, their direction to join our committee.  Please let me know if you want to join us.  Our meetings will probably occur monthly at a time that is most convenient for all.  Together we will plan a work program and issues to study.

We are also seeking a few observers for several official Collier County organizations.  Included on the list are the County Commissioners, the School Board and the Naples City Council.  The role is that of an observer and scribe (when we take an official position typically the League president speaks). We want people who can let us know, in writing, what happened!  

Consider joining the Government Committee.   In an election year we are particularly mindful of the impact that officials have on our quality of life.

JusticeJustice Committee
Bernice Schmelz, Committee Chair

Bernice Schmelz
AMIKids Big Cypress Field Trip - Members Ann Allen, Sheilah Crowley, Jinny Johnson (photographer), Anne Lewallen, Sandy Parker, Bernice Schmelz, and Carole Soling had an inspiring trip to AMIKids Big Cypress on April 19, 2010.  After meeting with Executive Director Daniel Washington, two residents (see the photo below) took the group on a tour of the facilities and answered questions about the program.  Members were impressed with the accomplishments of the students and the instructional and counseling programs provided at this moderate-risk Department of Juvenile Justice residential commitment facility for boys.
Collier Youth Resource Center - The new Youth Resource Center office in the courthouse opened in May.  Representatives of the Collier County Sheriff's Office, David Lawrence Center, Lutheran Social Services, Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Juvenile Justice are available to assist families of juveniles involved in the justice system preceding and following court appearances. 
Future Meetings:  Please mark your calendars.  Meetings are at the NorthAIMKids Collier Government Center, Orange Blossom Drive, at 9:30 AM unless noted otherwise.  Topics and speakers will be announced and will center on the study of Collier County Girls in Conflict with the Law.  Note that in an effort to avoid multiple League meetings within the same week, our meeting dates will not necessarily be on the same Monday of each month:

Nov. 15, 2010                        Feb. 21, 2011
Dec. 6, 2010                          Mar. 21, 2011
Jan. 24, 2011                         Apr. 18, 2011
SocPolSocial Policy Committee
Ann Campbell, Committee Chair

Ann Campbell 2009

Our meetings will begin on Wednesday, November 10, and continue on the second Wednesday of each month through May. All League members are invited, and I would encourage anyone interested in health care and social services to attend. True, it is early in the day--8 AM--but the Wildside Café offers a delicious breakfast for $12, tax and tip included.  We have interesting speakers, and the atmosphere is casual. Try us! Guests are welcome too.
We will revisit the topic of Concierge Care in November. More about that in the next VOTER.  Access to health care, one of the League's priority concerns, has become a critical matter of interest since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Now the law of the land, ACA will be carried out by the individual states, twenty of which (including Florida) are suing to have at least part of the law overturned. LWVF has written to the governor and legislative leaders asking for a bipartisan commission to address the implementation of health care reform in Florida. Stay tuned.

Voter Service Committee
Chris Straton, Committee Chair

Each election year the League of Women Voters of Florida produces a SpChris_Stratonecial Edition Voter that gives the pros and cons on all statewide issues as well as information on the statewide candidates.  This year, the candidates covered are U.S. Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, and Chief Financial Officer.  These last four candidates serve as the Florida Cabinet with each having equal voting power on a plethora of issues including the State Board of Executive Clemency, Department of Revenue, and Division of Bond Finance. In other words, it isn't just the Governor who makes key decisions in Florida.  Copies of this informative League publication have been distributed to local libraries and more  are available for League members to distribute to friends and neighbors as well.  For an electronic version, click here.

The democratic process is like a three-legged stool:  candidates, voters and a voting process.  While we often focus on the candidates and the voters, it is important that we also understand and monitor the voting process.  While we are fortunate in Collier County, not all counties have the same level of dedication and commitment.  Anyone wishing to participate in monitoring the voting process may contact me for more information.

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Membership Committee
Sandy Parker, Committee Chair

Welcome New Members
Men can join too A warm welcome to the following new members who have joined our League since our April VOTER:  Susan B. Anthony member Donna Suddeth; Suffragist members Sharon Hanlon, Vacharee Howard, and Linda Goldfield; and Associate member Kathleen Callahan.  We also welcome returning members Helen Franke (Susan B. Anthony) and Marsha Murphy (Suffragist).
New members bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the League.  They come to learn, and they challenge us to re-think what we do and how we do it.   Our ongoing members are re-energized by their interest and thrive in sharing what they've learned in League.  An active and growing membership enables us to provide excellent programming, voter service and outreach and to advocate with a strong voice. 
This year's Membership Team is committed to recruiting new members and recognizing and retaining existing members.  Pat Snyder will lead our retention efforts, Linda Olbrych will manage our database, and we are currently seeking volunteers to lead our recruiting and recognition efforts.  (See It Takes a Village in this issue.) 

If you know someone who may be interested in joining our League, please contact or direct them to the Join Us page on that website, where they can join online or print a membership application.
Make Sure Your Contact Information is Up-to-Date--You can update your contact information on the For Members page or by calling 263-4656 and providing your new information on the answering machine.  If you have moved or your email address has changed in the past year, please ensure that the League has your correct information.
Project Innovation Update
Joyce Fletcher

Joyce FletcherThe Project Innovation endorsers accepted two LWVCC APPS (Action Projects for Producing Success), which we presented at the May 21 meeting. These both fall under the Project Innovation Driver called Governance, which reviews the goals and helps to identify data sources to evaluate results. Our APPS are Voter Services and Know Your County Government.

Our Voter Services project is to "assist with voter registration, provide voter registration information and election information through website and guest commentaries, sponsor televised candidate forums, provide objective pros and cons on Constitutional amendments and local referenda and prepare revised Guides to Elected Officials after elections."

Our Know Your County Government project is "a joint mission of 4H, Collier County Public Schools, and LWVCC to educate high school students about the purpose and function of County government, how it operates, and what career opportunities it offers. Participation is through application and limited to 30 students. There are visits and discussion at all county departments."

By having these League Action Projects included in the greater mission of creating a world-class community, our programs will receive wider community recognition and awareness  as well as broader support.  Both projects provide additional opportunities for dynamic League member involvement. Speak with Chris Straton or Joyce Fletcher to get involved.

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VillageIt Takes a Village 
Lydia Galton

Volunteer OpportunitiesThere are many small tasks that need to be done every month to keep our League going.  Please consider accepting responsibility--or better still, sharing it with a friend--for one of these tasks.  
Nametag Manager--can be shared with a friend.
1.  Take orders and collect money for new or replacement nametags at all General Meetings.
2.  Order the nametags via computer and receive by mail.
3.  Distribute nametags at next General Meeting.
This is actually fun.  You meet all the new members!*
Program Designer--can be shared.
1. Create a program from a template for each General Meeting. Information provided well in advance.
2. Have programs printed (via internet), collect from printer; distribute at meetings.*
Website Manager--Liaison with the outside firm that updates our website.  Changes are input monthly.  All you need is Microsoft Word and high-speed Internet access.**
Membership Recruitment Coordinator--can be shared.  Welcome new members by email or phone, match them up with a current member "buddy," organize new/prospective member meetings at which the president and committee chairs are presenters. **
Membership Recognition Coordinator--can be shared by two or more people. Newly created position!  Recognize members for their League contributions through the VOTER and at general meetings; encourage members to write their League stories for the LWV Storybank; acknowledge members significant anniversaries as members; solicit recommendations for the Board to acknowledge members who have shown extraordinary leadership.  ** 
Assistant Treasurer--Click here to see the article on Marjorie Joder in this issue of the VOTER. Who wouldn't want to work with this extraordinary woman?*
*Please contact Lydia Galton -
**Please contact Sandy Parker -

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LWV logoNews from the National League 
Ann Campbell

Over the summer months the National League:

  • Announced the election of Atlanta, Georgia resident, Elisabeth MacNamara, as the new national president of the League of Women Voters. In her acceptance speech she said, "The League and its 150,000 grassroots supporters will continue to raise our voices in the fight for climate change reform, campaign finance reform, voter education and election reform. Let's go out there and get in the way!"
  • Adopted at Convention the LWVUS Board recommended study of the Federal Role in Public Education, which would focus on the role of the federal government in education policymaking, with possible consideration of funding, common standards and/or governance relationships among all levels of the government. The scope "will be dependent on available resources, including committee and LWVUS staff time."
  • Reported on plans for a Global Day of Climate Action on October 10, 2010. The 10/10/10 campaign is being organized by, an international movement aimed at uniting the world around solutions to the climate crisis. The focus is on the number 350--as in 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide, the amount that leading climate scientists say is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. For more on the 10/10/10 event, see the Climate Change Committee article in this VOTERand the LWVUS website
  • Noted that August 26 was the 90th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, celebrated as Women's Equality Day.
  • Assigned LWVUS Board member Marcia Merrins to be the state liaison for Florida for 2010-2012. Marcia has the membership portfolio for the national Board and regularly emails helpful advice to local Leagues.

For more information on these and other National League projects, click here

LWV logoNews from the State League

Sandy Parker

The League of Women Voters of Florida is anticipating with pleasure a visit from LWVUS President, Elisabeth MacNamara, October 18 - 21.  She will visit Palm Beach on the 19th and Miami on the 20th.  We will let you know by blast email if opportunities to meet her arise. 
ˇ   LWVFL is seeking nominations for its Board.  Anyone interested in serving should contact Corrine Miller at
ˇ   The State will once again be sponsoring a weekend exploration of an important area of Florida.  This year it is historic St. Augustine, Saturday and Sunday, November 13 - 14.   Accommodations and the full itinerary are being planned for scenic tours and outdoor adventures and fabulous dining experiences.  Further information coming soon!  This is limited to 60 people--last year's tour sold out immediately!

For more information, visit
Calendar2010-2011 General Meeting Schedule
Save the dates!

October 11 - Candidate Forum

November 8 - Deirdre Macnab, President of LWV Florida

December 13 - Holiday Party

January 10, 2011 - Hot Topic on Social Policy

February 14 - Hot Topic on Justice

March 14 - Hot Topic on Local Government

April 11 - Hot Topic on Climate Change

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About Us
The League of Women Voters of Collier County, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.  Our goal is to empower citizens to shape better communities worldwide.

Visit our website at for our current list of officers, directors and off-board members, our Program, Diversity Policy, Nonpartisan Policy, By-Laws, Minutes, and more.