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LWVCC encourages active and informed participation in government. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization aiming to support voters and influence public policy.
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Why Voting is Important

The leaders we elect make decisions that affect us, our jobs, healthcare, energy costs, education and more.  Elections are our chance to stand up for what matters most to us and to have an impact on the issues that affect our daily lives, our communities, our families and our future.  Voting ensures that your voice is heard!

People have marched, fought and even died to secure the right of every United States citizen to vote.  We all have a hard-earned right to vote.  Use it!

Your vote is your voice. You make your wishes known by voting. In our country, the majority wins the election. When you cast your ballot, you are choosing those whose opinions agree with your thinking. 

It is your responsibility as a citizen of our country to help choose the best to represent you! That means voting in local, state and national elections.  Please vote.

Local Elections Matter

Municipal and county elections decide positions such as Mayor, City Council, School Board members, County Commissioners, judges and more.  These officials make decisions on issues including land development, parking, law enforcement, public safety, school policies and water quality.  The laws and policies they set impact the quality of our daily lives.

According to the US Census historical data, only 27% of eligible voters cast a ballot in their local election.  Your vote at the local level can have big impact on who is elected.  
Your vote matters and your vote counts!

Elections Have Consequences
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Your Community Counts on You
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Voting is an Opportunity for Change
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Democracy is Built on Voting Rights
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