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LWVCC encourages active and informed participation in government. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization aiming to support voters and influence public policy.
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Diane Moore  | Published on 11/16/2020
Diane Moore at the Supervisor of Elections office
During the election, the LWVCC sent a corps of observers to watch Canvassing Board meetings. The LWVCC Observer Corps includes Gary Bromley, Cynthia Cromwell, Octavia Harris, Patrizia Jackson, Cathy Mayer, Diane Moore, Mary Jo Nolin, Shelly Perry, Laura Hansen Reynolds, Julie Wade, Alison Wescott, and Shirley Woolaway.
The Canvassing Board scheduled 6 meetings; all are open to the public. On October 1st, it conducted “Logic & Accuracy Test” to ensure that the voting machines correctly tabulate the results. (The photo was taken during the L&A Test.) After voting begins, the Board meets to review questionable mail-in, provisional and overseas ballots, and determines whether to accept or reject each. The LWVCC and other observers are permitted, quite literally, to look over the shoulders of the Canvassing Board members and view the ballots and supporting documentation. However, observers may only watch the meetings; except for asking questions, they may not participate in the meetings.

The Canvassing Board will meet this week and next to certify results and conduct a manual audit of the election. If a recount is necessary, the Board conducts the recount and resolves any discrepancies.

This year, the Collier County Canvassing Board included County Court Judge Mike Provost, Supervisor of Elections Jennifer Edwards, and County Commissioner Andy Solis. The Board — and the staff of the Supervisor of Elections Office, also present during meetings — is very receptive and responsive to questions asked during the meetings. The League’s active role in observing the Canvassing Board meetings helps to hold Canvassing Board members accountable and ensure the integrity of our elections.